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Green Infrastructure, Nature based solution, low impact development

Transforming Cities for a Resilient Future with Speed, High Resolution & Integrity

Our platform allows users to access climate-related data, create simulations, and identify strategies to mitigate risk and maximize opportunity. With a combination of interactive maps and powerful analytics, BitaGreen is the perfect tool for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve on climate adaptation.

world economic forum top innovative solution
Collaboration with VLAIO
Spin off of VUB
Selected as RAPTOR challenge - EIT-Urban mobility
Pilot Project for city of Bratislava in slovakia

The uniqueness of our solution:

  • The tool enables cities and asset managers to produce high-resolution green infrastructure maps at a low cost.

  • The tool assesses the co-benefits of different urban development scenarios under climate change and has a cost-benefit assessment tool that can be used to structure blended investments.

  • Through a user-friendly viewer, the tool can help to raise public awareness of the aggregated benefits when scaling up green infrastructures.


Our Technology

Robust Predictions

We combine innovative environmental modeling and AI-derived predictions to identify the high-risk areas and where in the city it is worth investing in green infrastructure and visualize this on an interactive web-based platform.

Proprietary ML & AI

A combination of remote sensing and deep machine learning allows monitoring the sustainability of urban plans through high-resolution mapping of vegetation health and land surface temperature of implemented green infrastructure at different scales.

Customizable Monitoring Platform 

The tool is accompanied by a modular and customizable crowdsourcing platform capable of coupling with mobile apps that ease the green infrastructure's monitoring for city planners/homeowners.

Cutting-edge Cost-Benefit assessment

BitaGreen can help you find the most suitable approach for your needs. The spatially distributed cost-benefit assessment for different scenarios can be translated into tailored GI plans through discussions with (public and private) investors, end-users, and the general public.

Schedule a meeting with our team to understand how you can harness the power of green assurance solutions within your organization.

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