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Nahad Helmi

Passionate about sustainability initiatives in water and climate industries.
Help customers accelerate their sustainability transformations by leveraging the cloud computing platform and hydro-informatics to drive the right technology solutions to address their needs.

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Nora Van Cauwenbergh
Business Development Leader

Caring deeply about nature and human connections. Helping to move the needle toward a more nature-positive and resilient society where businesses and people can thrive.

Understand customers needs and bring my expertise in water, nature-based solutions and stakeholder engagement to create innovative business models that truly value nature-positivity, climate resilience and well being.

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Our Team.

We are looking to achieve success and growth with a mindset and culture that allows for innovative and creative thinking, ultimately leading to disruptive new collaborations and products. We are a family of professionals improving the environment and infrastructure in a committed place. In our culture, you can work on projects that are meaningful to you. We do not seek to preserve our culture — we seek to improve it. We, together, will find new ways to accomplish more.

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