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Green Assurance Solutions

What if we planted trees and created green areas to help absorb heavy rainfall and cooling on a hot day? Green solutions can protect the cities’ assets from climate-related risks while increasing the quality of life for its citizens. BitaGreen brings its unique expertise in urban hydrology, hydraulics, and the assurance value of nature-based solutions to help identify optimal locations for green Infrastructure investment. We help liaise with partners and accompany the design and implementation of full-scale projects.

Mid-Resolution Satellite Imagery 

Meteorological Data

Deep Neural Network Algorithm


Very High Resolution Heat Map

Better data for better decisions and compliance

Our tool helps urban planners and decision-makers implement sustainable water management solutions quickly and efficiently. Our tool stands out as a valuable resource with minimum data requirements, user-friendly maps, and consideration of both above-ground and under-ground criteria. It applies to cities of different sizes and offers a more cost-efficient and practical approach to GREEN infrastructure strategies.

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Adopt Green Infrastructures with Speed, Scale, and Integrity
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