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A clear vision for climate-related decisions

Our platform helps you identify and measure the real-world impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss on your assets and target, and evaluate associated risks. With BitaGreen, you can access actionable adaptation measures and mitigation strategies in line with EU Taxonomy and ESG that can increase the potential value of your asset. Our tool provides a customizable and tangible approach that enables you to take early climate action during the Due Diligence process. With BitaGreen, you can confidently navigate the complex climate landscape and take informed action to secure the future value of your investment.

Our Solutions to Protect Your Investment
1. High-Level Climate and Nature Risk Assessment

This step involves assessing the overall climate risk of a particular region or area, considering factors such as temperature, precipitation, and extreme weather events. By analyzing these climate variables and their potential impacts on the area's infrastructure and communities, you can identify areas of high risk and prioritize adaptation strategies accordingly.

2. Parcel Level Climate Risk Assessment

The next step is to drill down to the parcel level and assess the specific risks individual properties face. This involves analyzing factors such as elevation, slope, soil type, proximity to water sources, potential flooding, and existing infrastructure and building materials. By understanding the specific risks each property faces, you can develop more targeted and effective adaptation strategies.

3. Blue-Green Infrastructure Strategy & Avoided Damage Assessment

Develop a nature-based infrastructure strategy that uses green roofs, rain gardens, and permeable pavements to reduce stormwater runoff and flooding, mitigate urban heat island effects, and improve air and water quality, and quantify the avoided damages resulting from these strategies.


Take Action with Confidence: Data-Driven Climate Risk Maps

Empowering Your Sustainability Goals with BitaGreen's Software Package

At BitaGreen, we understand that each client has unique needs. That's why we offer customized solutions to help you find the best approach for your specific situation. Our spatially distributed cost-benefit assessments can help you identify the most effective green infrastructure plans for your project, through discussions with investors, end-users, and the general public.

With our cutting-edge software tool, you can:

  • Calculate multiple benefits (and costs) of green infrastructure under different scenarios

  • Support stakeholders and investors in identifying viable natural assurance schemes

  • Tailor the cost-benefit module to your specific needs

  • Facilitate the creation of cost-efficient green master plans

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