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Great news!!!!

Great news for cities and regions wanting to boost their #climateresilience and get support in #climateadaptation! The European Commission has launched the new web portal for #MissionClimateAdaptation.

BitaGreen is the mission facilitator for #belgium , #thenetherlands and #luxemburg. Together with the great team of companies led by Ricardo Energy & Environment, we look forward to working with the Mission Signatories across Europe and growing the community.

The Mission Portal offers knowledge and tools for use by regional and local authorities. To help regional authorities develop, implement and monitor their climate change adaptation plans, the Portal also offers knowledge, data and tools tailored for use at regional scale. Through the Regional Adaptation Support Tool (RAST)EN••• that will soon be available, authorities will be able to get practical information for each step of developing their climate change adaptation plans.

From deadly heatwaves and devastating droughts to wildfires and coastlines eroded by rising sea levels, climate change is already taking its toll in Europe. Its impact affects not only the environment and economy, but also the health of Europeans. The frequency and severity of climate and weather extremes is increasing, so we need to speed up solutions that build climate resilience.

In that context, the Adaptation DashboardEN••• provides easy access to relevant data that can help to inform understanding of the specific climate vulnerabilities and risks that regional and local authorities need to address.

In addition, the Portal links to an online area for the EU Mission Adaptation Community of PracticeEN•••, which is accessible to the Charter Signatories, Friends of the Mission and national authorities competent for climate adaptation. There, regional and local authorities can receive technical assistance with:

  • progressing and funding their climate adaptation planning processes;

  • identifying, and funding demonstration projects;

  • mobilising and engaging citizens and stakeholders in climate adaptation.

The online EU Mission Adaptation Community of Practice will also be made accessible to the Mission projectsEN•••.

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