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BitaGreen is thrilled to participate in the WEF's first Climate and Biodiversity Summit!

BitaGreen is thrilled to participate in the World Economic Forum's first Climate and Biodiversity Summit of the Villars Institute!

With over 200 participants from academia, business and government, the exchange will be amazing. We look forward to learning from others and sharing our experience on using data and valuation of green infrastructure to support nature-based reduction of climate and biodiversity risks.

The Villars Institute Summit takes place 15-17 March, bringing together global collaborators to tackle the planet’s most pressing challenges.

With a focus on connected issues such as climate and biodiversity, the Summit is committed to real progress towards a net-zero and a nature-positive economy.

Read more about the Villars Institute Summit 2023 here:

If you would like to meet, message Nora Van Cauwenbergh who is representing BitaGreen

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